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Advantages of ecological construction

Do you want to build your ecological house in Portugal? Discover the advantages of ecological construction. 

Sustainable construction has many advantages, both for the tenants and for the environment.

Advantages for the tenants of eco-friendly homes :

    • Improvement of indoor air quality
    • Acoustic and thermal insulation
    • Reduction of the electricity bills

Benefits of green living for the environment:

    • Design focused on the use of renewable energy
    • Resource conservation
    • Use of local, renewable, recyclable and bio-sourced materials

Lloyd Alter, editor-in-chief of the Tree Hugger blog

«  The real role of a building is to keep us healthy, happy, safe and comfortable. »

Ecological construction definition

  • Ensure a good living standard of the tenants
  • Limit the building’s impact on the environment

  • Ensure an optimal energy performance

  • Take into account the entire life cycle of buildings: from the choice of initial products to their demolition and/or recycling
  • Preserve natural resources by using recyclable materials
  • Integrate renewable energy sources into the design of the building
  • Optimize the thermal inertia of the buildings
  • Ensure the occupant comfort by designing an healthy housing
  • Adapt and integrate the building to its environment based on bioclimatic architecture
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If you are convinced by the advantages of ecological construction and are planning to build an ecological house in Portugal, or simply if you want to know more about the situation of sustainable construction in Portugal, please check out our dedicated page.