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Assessment tools in the building sector

The following is a non-exhaustive list of assessment tools in the building sector. They are classified into different categories. 

Eco-design of the building

  • Elodie: it is an online software that allows you to perform a life cycle analysis of a building. It is then possible to compare the results with those of a reference building. The software highlights the following impact indicators: climate change, ozone depletion, terrestrial and aquatic acidification, eutrophication, photochemical ozone formation, depletion of abiotic-non-fossil resources, water resource depletion. It also calculates primary energy, waste, water and air pollution. 


  • Eco-bat: it allows you to model a building and create an eco-balance sheet.


  • Simapro: it is a very complete and powerful life cycle analysis tool. It can be used for both renovation and new construction projects. 


  • Pleiades: this is a complete software for the eco-design of buildings and districts. Different types of calculations are possible: thermal and energy simulation, dimensioning of air conditioning and heating, building impacts on the environment.


  • TRNSYS:  it is a thermal building simulation software. It includes building materials, global architecture and equipment (heating, air conditioning). 

Sunlight measurement

  • Heliorama:  this is an online application that calculates the sun exposure of a place and displays a sunshine study with the sun mask, the loss of sunshine, the duration of the day, the sunrise and sunset times.