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Construction waste recycling in Portugal

Recycling of RCD (Construction and Demolition Residues)

Recyclage des déchets de construction au Portugal - construction waste recycling in portugal

Construction waste recycling in Portugal is the process of  separating and sorting recoverable waste materials generated during construction and demolition.

RCD (Residuais de Construção e Demolição) are wastes from construction and demolition sites of buildings and other infrastructure. The heterogeneous composition of this waste makes it very difficult to recycle. Some of these wastes can be hazardous and therefore require adequate decontamination. Among these hazardous wastes are asbestos, asphalt, radioactive waste, lead, mercury-containing components and insulation materials containing hazardous substances.

At the national level four Legislative Decrees regulate the management of this waste :

  • 73/2011 Decree-Law
  • 46/2008 Decree-Law – General regulations for the management of RCDs
  • 266/2007 Decree-Law
  • Portaria 40/2014

APA has developed a PDF guide for waste classification and an electronic waste management guide (e-GAR). It is the responsibility of the waste producer to issue it before the waste is transported.