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Deconstruction of buildings in Portugal

Portugal and deconstruction

Portugal recycles LESS THAN 40% of construction and demolition waste.

The demolition of existing buildings that are no longer in good condition should be considered as a raw material mine for new projects.

This is the PRINCIPLE OF DECONSTRUCTION that the Portal of Sustainable Construction in Portugal promotes.

This technique has the advantage of recovering as many building materials as possible in order to reuse or recycle them.

Deconstruction creates the possibility of reusing materials while avoiding the extraction of new raw materials.

déconstruction des bâtiments au portugal - deconstruction of buildings in portugal

In Portugal, the Portal of sustainable construction supports 10 strategies for the deconstruction of buildings:

  • Limit the typology of materials
  • Use recycled materials
  • Eliminate materials that are toxic or harmful to health and the environment
  • Favor mechanical bonding over adhesives
  • Identify the types of materials (reusable, recyclable…)
  • Use coatings that can easily separate from the structure
  • Use an open space construction system to facilitate changes in the distribution within the dwelling
  • Separate the structure of the internal walls from the cladding
  • Use a dismantling hierarchy based on the life expectancy of the components
  • Use assembly technologies compatible with standard construction practices

In order to be able to reuse building materials, this aspect must be considered from the beginning of the design phase. It is essential to reconsider the architecture.