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State of the art of ecological construction in Portugal

The beginnings of ecological construction in Portugal

Ecological construction in Portugal has arisen since the 1990s. This is verified on the one hand through the various regulations that came into force in 1990 and 1998 (more details here), and on the other hand through the emergence of associations and environmental assessment systems.

Three environmental assessment systems have been developed to respond to the Portuguese reality: LiderA, SBToolPt and Domus Natura. For more details on ecological certifications in Portugal check out this page. 

There are also organizations that focus on environmental issues in the construction industry. This is particularly the case for iiSBE – International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment. It is an international association whose objective is to promote initiatives related to sustainable construction.

The Portal da Construção Sustentável, launched in 2010 in Portugal, is a project whose objective is to inform individuals and construction professionals about sustainable construction.

A few figures

  • More than 1200 LiderA certified residential units
  • 3 new LEED-certified buildings
  • 1 BREEAM certified shopping centre
  • 4 Passivhaus certified buildings and about 50 ongoing projects
  • A favorable climate for passive solar energy
  • Local and sustainable resources such as cork