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Energy optimisation

Energy optimisation of the buildings in Portugal : a necessity

Energy optimisation of the buildings in Portugal is more than necessary. The following figures are telling.

Portugal is the 3rd highest country in Europe which suffers from a rate of excess winter mortality.

Various factors can explain this observation:

  • Low thermal efficiency of housing
  • Fuel poverty, which is a major problem facing Portugal

And yet Portugal is in the top 10 European countries with the best climate!


A few figures about energy efficiency in Portugal

According to the results of a European Union survey (between 2011 and 2016) nearly 26% of Portuguese respondents said they could not maintain a sufficient temperature in their homes.

The average in Europe is 10%, and this value is below 5% in some Nordic countries!

Moreover the Energy Poverty Observatory claims that  31.3%of Portuguese people live in homes with humidity problems.

It is worth noting that in 2018, Portugal was the 6th highest EU country in household price per kWh (22.46 ct/kWh).

And the other countries of Europe….

31.26 ct/kWh for Denmark

29.5 ct/kWh for Germany

27.33 ct/kWh for Belgium

23.83 ct/kWh for Spain

23.69 ct/kWh for Ireland

17.54 ct/kWh for France

European average: 20.49 ct/kWh


In the wake of these observations, it is more than necessary to carry out an  energy optimisation the new constructions and to focus on healthy and ecological materials. 

Sustainable construction makes it possible to meet these needs.