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A few figures about passive houses

Originally European, the Passivhaus label has been able to convince and has developed widely in four corners of the world. These few figures about passive houses attest to that fact.

Passive houses in the world

A few figures about passive houses : more than 4000 certified houses

  • 2334 in Germany
  • 273 in France
  • 149 in England
  • 115 in Spain
  • 105 in the United States
  • 83 in Italy
Check the passive house database.

Passive buildings in Portugal

few figures about passive houses - quelques chiffres sur les maisons passives
the beginnings

First passive solar houses


Start of construction work of the first houses according to the Passivhaus standard (In Ilhavo, two semi-detached houses of 210 m2 each, consisting of a ground floor, a 1st floor and an attic)


Delivery of the Passivhaus label for the two houses in Ilhavo

Toursim sector

Certification of the first house dedicated to the tourism sector

One more

Certification of the last house in Portugal (to date)

Thermal requirements for certified houses in Portugal

  • Foundation/ground
    • U(Lisboa) < 0,850 W/(m²K)
    • U(Porto) < 0,432 W/(m²K)
  • Window
    • U(Lisboa) < 1,350 W/(m²K)
    • U(Porto) < 1,350 W/(m²K)
  • G-value glazing 
    • G(Lisboa) < 0,6
    • G(Porto) < 0,6
  • Wall 
    • U(Lisboa) < 0,620 W/(m²K)
    • U(Porto) < 0,202 W/(m²K)
  • Roof 
    • U(Lisboa) < 0,330 W/(m²K)
    • U(Porto) < 0,155 W/(m²K)

U = The heat transfer coefficient (in W/m²K) represents the loss of heat from the inside to the outside.

G = The solar factor (in %) represents the fraction of solar energy that enters the building through the glazing.

Currently, about forty projects are being developed in Portugal and this number can only increase, in particular to meet the new European directives on buildings NZEB.