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Inner cladding: ecological materials

The choice of inner cladding will of course depend on the taste of the inhabitants but may also take into account the impact on health and the environment. 

Floor covering materials

The cork

Cork is a resistant and durable inner cladding with a long life span.

It comes from the cork oaks found in Mediterranean climates such as Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The product is obtained by removing the outer later of the tree trunk. Harvesting cork does not damage the tree, as it has always been able to live for nearly 170 years after harvesting.

You can find more information on cork on the Amorim Isolamentos website. 

revetements interieurs - innner cladding - liege - Cork

Natural linoleum

It is composed of castor oil, resin and wooden flooring. Its lifespan is 40 years if properly maintained.

Natural stone

They have a good carbon footprint if extracted locally. A natural stone covering has a long lifespan and is easy to maintain.

Soft ground

These are slabs obtained from rapeseed or castor oil. The production process do not require preservatives or solvents. Moreover, they do not emit VOCs.

Interior wall covering materials

Ecological or natural paint

It is made from components of vegetable or mineral origin such as beeswax, linseed oil, casein or rosin.

Depolluting paint

There are paints whose action is to destroy bacterial molecules in the air and thus generate a healthier environment.

Interior coatings

It is also possible to use natural coatings to decorate the walls while maintaining a healthy environment. Lime, clay or raw soil are commonly used.