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Labels for material choices

There are various labels for materials and safety data sheets that can guide our choices of ecological and healthy materials. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the most relevant ones  :

The European Eco-label

eco label europeen - european eco label It is the only official European eco-label that can be used in all EU Member States. This label takes into consideration the entire life cycle of the product, from the extraction of its raw materials to its end of life (recycling or disposal). It identifies environmentally friendly products or services (cleaning products, coatings, furniture for healthy living and heat pumps, electronic equipment…) 

Sustainable Value certification

portal da construcao sustentavel - sustainable value Certified products must meet a minimum of 4 of the following 10 principles (reduction of resource consumption / reuse or recycling / absorption or reduction of CO2 / use of renewable resources / purity of composition / low embodied energy / local production / no impact on human health / sustainability / certified products).

The Natureplus eco-label 

nature plus Offers consumers and construction professionals in Europe a wide range of products that meet the challenges of climate protection, health in homes and sustainability (masonry, insulation materials, windows and paints).

Safety Data Sheets

(«  Fichas de Dados de Segurança  » in portuguese) which indicate the health and environmental risks incurred by the use of certain products. 

FSC and PEFC certifications

label-for-materials-fsc-pefcThey refer to wood from forests managed in an eco-responsible way.

CRI green and CRI green plus labels

label-for-materials-cri-greenThose labels identify carpets, seats and glues that emit little VOC.

ACERMI label (Association for the Certification of Insulating Materials)

label-for-materials-acermiThis label certifies the quality of an insulating material. 

EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

«  An EPD is a standardized document that presents the results of a product’s Life Cycle Assessment as well as health information in order to calculate the environmental and health performance of the building for eco-design ». 


label-for-materials-cd2eExpert Centre for the Emergence of Environmental Technologies. Database of eco-materials. 

IBR label (Institut pour la Bioconstruction de Rosenheim)

label-for-materials-baubiologieInternationally recognized label that lists sustainable construction products.