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Passivhaus certification

Obtaining Passivhaus certification

To obtain the Passivhaus certification it is strongly recommended to use a person accredited by the Passive House Institute (PHI) from the beginning of the project. In this way, any problems can be identified before entering a very advanced stage and the certifier can provide his expertise to solve them. 

The certification procedure typically consists of 5 main steps:

  • Initial check at the beginning of the project 
  • Preliminary review
  • Design review before the start of the construction work
  • Doubts and issues related to certification continually during the planning and construction phase
  • Final review after the end of the construction work. At this stage the blow door test must already have been performed. 

In some cases, the person in charge of certification can check the proper progress of the construction work.

Obtaining such certification is a guarantee of quality. Indeed, a certified house is synonymous with thermal comfort and hight indoor air quality. In addition, the life span of the house is extended because the combination of airtightness, ventilation and thermal insulation prevents mould and condensation from developing. Moreover, the occupants of such a construction will see a decrease on their electricity bills for heating.