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Portuguese certifications in the building sector

With the growing concern for sustainable development, a few Portuguese certifications for buildings have been emerging during the last few years.


LiderA is an environmental assessment system that applies to both service and tourism buildings and residential buildings. There are 6 main themes divided into 22 areas:

  • Integration of construction into its environment
  • Rational use of resources
  • Reduction of the impact of construction on the environment
  • Housing comfort
  • Socio-economic viability
  • Sustainable management
  • Innovation

Following the evaluation, the project get a rate from G to A++, with level E reflecting the condition of the current buildings. More than 1200 residential dwellings have already received this certification.


DomusNatura and DomusQual

These certifications were developed by SGS and aim to assess the durability and technical quality of buildings from the design phase. In order to obtain them, the building must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements. The evaluation criteria are:

  • Sustainable premises and safety
  • Reasonable water use
  • Energy
  • Air pollution
  • Materials and resources
  • Comfort and quality
  • Innovation and ecology


certifications-portugal-sbtoolptThe SB ToolPT is an adaptation of the iiSBE (Canada) evaluation system to the Portuguese reality. It is a powerful tool that permits to evaluate the durability of a building from the design phase. The residential building evaluation module started in 2009 and since then, more than 100 buildings received an assessment.