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Water savings

Water savings certainly reduce your bills, but it goes far beyond that. Indeed, nowadays it is more than necessary to protect this rare and precious resource.

With regards to domestic water use, it appears that a French household of 2,5 people uses an average of 329 liters of water per day (source: INSEE). Water consumption in Portugal averages around 187 litres per day (for one person).

The distribution of this consumption is approximately as follows:

Icone boisson-économies-deau
1 %
6 %
Food Preparation
6 %
Cars and gardens
10 %
12 %
Washing machine
20 %
Sanitary facilities
39 %
Toilet (baths, showers...)
6 %
Various domestic uses

With the purchase of some equipment it is possible to reduce the water consumption of a household:

Water saving devices

Very easy to install, they use an O-ring to reduce the flow rate of the tap from 6 to 8 l/minute instead of 12l/min. There are also some for the shower tap and reduce the water flow from 18 l/min to 10 l/min.

Water-saving shower-heads

These are water-saving shower-heads. The most efficient models have a flow rate of 7 l/min.

Optimized WC tank

The 9 to 12 l tank must be replaces by a model equipped with a dual flush toilet with a dual control to 3 to 6 l.