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Who are we

Who are we ?

At a time when humanity is entering the anthropocene, environmental concern has never been so strong. More and more people are becoming aware that irreversible human damage to terrestrial resources and biodiversity will ultimately affect their health and well-being and of their children. Moreover, the current system based on infinite economic growth in a world of natural resources will affect the cost of energy in the more or less long term, but probably also access to it.

In this context, more and more people want to protect themselves and their families from the climatic and more generally environmental hazards that await them. The habitat is an important part of this concern because it is a constituent element of family reunification: the roof protects, the walls are the bulwark against external aggression.

Moreover, well-being increasingly depends on controlling what we breathe, eat, drink, the clothes we wear and the elements that surround us. It is clear that major changes in the social system designed to protect our planet will have to be made at the level of nations or even continents. However the awareness that individual action is also necessary is growing in a society seeking a brighter future. 

It is from this statement, our strong ecological awareness, and our experience in real estate project management, that SmartHouses Portugal, Lda was born. 

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